Welcome to my new website

Hello. I'm Dittany and I make contemporary art jewellery. My work is based on intricate hand drawn patterns, printed onto card which is then cut, layered and combined with silver findings. Finally I paint on layers of resin which protect the jewellery and give it shine.

I studied Jewellery Design at Middlesex University in the 1990s but started my business about 3 years ago. I now sell my work online, at fairs and in galleries. Amongst other galleries, last year I sold my work in the shop of the Hepworth Gallery (winner of Art Fund Museum of the year 2017). 

I also sell my work in Etsy - click here to shop - but have had a standalone web shop for about a year now. I decided to move it to being hosted by Shopify to take advantage of the tools that can link my business to accounting and marketing systems. It's been tricky choosing as price is an issue too! Also anything technical sends a shiver of trepidation through me. So here it is, decision made: my new shop on Shopify. I intend to write more regular blogs. Let's see if I stick to that one!