Coe Fen Fashion Shoot

I knew that 2020 was the year I was going to do my first fashion shoot with a professional model and photographer. I had just started to look at potential candidates when Covid 19 came along. As lockdown dug in, I continued my online research and decided on Onur Pinar, a Cambridge portrait photographer, and Tanisa Beck, a model from London. 

With the easing of the lockdown we were finally able to make our plans concrete in August. Initially, Onur and I had discussed doing a studio shoot but with Covid we decided it was safer to go on location.

I was looking to shoot my new collection, which is influenced both by twentieth-century sculptors like Moore and Hepworth, and by the nineteenth-century Arts and Crafts movement. Something drew me to Hodson’s Folly (built 1897) on Coe Fen, which I had passed a few times on the river. As soon as I saw it again, I knew I had found my location. I knew that the colours and textures formed by the layers of history, paint and graffiti on the folly itself would be the perfect backdrop to my new pieces. 

However, August saw a change in the weather and we thought we may have to delay. Our little team anxiously watched the weather apps, and seeing a small gap in the rain we decided to go ahead. Tani raced up from London early one morning and we were able to just fit the shoot in before it came down heavily again.

So, I'm sure you're wondering how the shoot turned out?  All the photographs here in this blog are ones that I took of the shoot in progress.

Onur's images will be unveiled the week after next when I relaunch my website. If you want to see the pictures earlier than everyone else join my mailing list here. I'll be sending out a set of images along with a special offer on Monday. 

The dresses used in the shoot were loaned from

See Tani's Instagram account here. 

See Onur's website here.