Covid-19 statement

On our initial lockdown here in the UK, I closed my website and my Etsy shop. I have now decided to keep them open, but only send items within the UK. Most of my pieces are small enough to be posted directly via a postbox so I don’t have to wait in Post Office queues.

I have stock that I had made for fairs which have now been cancelled and soon I will add this to my website for sale. Remember that anything on my website is ready to send now.

The reason I’ve decided to keep my shops open is that there does seem to be some demand, people still have birthday gifts to buy for example. Also keeping the shops open means you can browse and while away some time window shopping.  Enjoy!

Personally, I’m finding it hard to focus and so am not committing myself to big projects. There are still plenty of admin and business improvement tasks to do though. For example, my website is getting an update, and the collection that I was due to launch at the (cancelled) British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate needs launching online. There is plenty to do and bit by bit I am doing it!

Keep an eye on my Instagram or Facebook pages to keep up with any developments. In my Instagram stories you’ll see a lot of pictures of my cat and my garden, both of which are keeping me sane.

Me and my cat Coral