My longest supporting stockist

VK Gallery in St Ives, Cambridgeshire is my longest serving gallery, and has just celebrated its fifth birthday.

I'd like to send them huge thanks for supporting me from the beginning. I don't get out there as often as I'd like, but I urge you to go visit. The art is well chosen and the displays really well done too. St Ives is interesting for a day out also. 

Dittany Rose stud earrings at VK Gallery in St Ives

VK Gallery was opened by Victoria K Mudge in September 2014. Victoria says, 'I have wanted to run my own gallery for a long time prior to finding the courage to do it. With the experience gained at my previous work within the Gallery and Arts sector, and a huge amount of encouragement and support from my family, I opened VK, taking what I feel are the good bits of all the other galleries I've worked at with me to make VK the success it is today."

She also says 'It's still a young business so we're still learning, but I think we've found our niche and the support from other local businesses and customers in and around St Ives has been fundamental to this. I feel grateful every day for their continued support.'

Dittany Rose earrings at VK Gallery in St IvesTheir website is also well laid out and has a section focussing on each craft. Here's a link to the jewellery page ( scroll to the bottom to see my bit!)