Norwich Makers Market

In June I took part in Norwich Makers Market at St Thomas' Church Hall. As always this was a well-organised fair attended by people who really seem to get my aesthetic. This time it was also the testing ground for my new wooden displays, some of which I'd had made by Toby at Makespace in Cambridge to my specifications. I'd paired these with wooden boxes bought online that were in a similar style. 

I'm really pleased with the whole effect: the displays are light in colour and easy to pack away. Having a set of stands all designed to match really draws attention away from the display and to the jewellery. I laid most of my pieces out in a rainbow: pinks and reds at one end, blues and blacks at the other. As well as this I showed some things in a complete rainbow, such as in the images below, where I put all the cufflinks or a set of small drop earrings together in one display. 

The stands were also relatively easy to pack and carry. Part of my design process was to make sure that the stands would fit inside a box and that the other boxes could carry my stock. As I don't own a car and would prefer not to hire one for fairs I also wanted something light enough to take on public transport. With the aid of a trolley borrowed from a friend I managed it. Not easy, and did have a nerve-wracking 3 seconds when I got stuck in the closing doors at Cambridge North station, but all in all it worked. Don't believe me when I say it was light however!