Oh Collection

A new collection for Autumn 2020 of sterling silver and gold-plated silver.

The collection is linked by the inclusion of a rough-hewn oval shape. The word oval comes from 'ovum', which means egg. This means it represents birth and rebirth.

Oh collection of sterling silver and gold vermeil earrings and pendants

In most of this collection, the oval sits atop an abstract body. These pieces take inspiration from avant-garde sculptural forms and from my own sketches of people. This is jewellery to represent the wearers story and carry their memories.

  • Oh Too represents the individual, reminding them of their independence and resilience.
  • Oh Free shows two forms, or bodies, supporting each other . This represents friends, lovers or siblings. 
  • Oh For has been based on sketches of parents holding children and shows the oval head next to a smaller round one.

Throughout my collections the oval shape represents the human head. It’s a repeating shape across my Oh, Wax & Wane , and Soma collections. The oval is set at an angle to the main ‘body’ which gives it a recognisable quality, as if looking down at another person. A subtle shift in that angle can make the change between a piece looking contemplative or down, or joyous and up.

Oh collection in sterling silver and gold vermeil gold plated silver

These collections came from life drawing and quick sketches of people I’ve done over the years. I’m a bit (a lot) of a holiday sketcher, and many of my drawings are of (other) tourists looking at things, or conferring together. But I also have quite a few sketches of parents holding their child. These sketches are usually done in seconds , before anyone notices I’m doing it.

The release date of this collection is the 11th October, but you can pre-order at a discounted price now. All pre-ordered items will be sent out on the 26th October.