Recycled coffee cup earrings

How many paper coffee cups do you think are used in the UK everyday?

disposable paper coffee cups

The answer is about 7 million. Every day. And less than 1 in 400 of those cups are recycled. Read here to find out more. 

However, I have found a paper manufacturer who is using CupCycling technology to remove the plastic lining from the product and upcycle them into paper sheets. I'm then using this paper to create drop and stud earrings. Earrings made from recycled coffee cup paperSo ,whilst these earrings are made from my usual materials: silver, paper and resin, there is something super special about the paper.                           Drop Earrings                                            Stud Earrings

Each sheet of A4 paper I use contains at least 5 upcycled coffee cups. Here is a link to the maker of the paper so you can learn more.

As they say, this is a paper that they hope to be able to discontinue, once we've stopped using throw away cups. And if follows therefore that my earrings are also a product that I hope I won't be able to make in the future.