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Contemporary silver jewellery. For colour lovers.

Handmade in Cambridge, these beautiful pieces are light, fresh and easy to wear. I make geometric shapes that add a pop of colour to an outfit. In fact my core ranges come in the same ten colours, so that you can buy matching gifts. For example his and hers cuff links and earrings in the same colour. Or how about a rainbow of earrings for your bridesmaids? 

Many of my customers however are buying for themselves. They're looking for something that is unique, authentic and quirky. They know the value of handmade and find joy in having something beautiful that gets them noticed. 

So what's my story? Well, I returned to jewellery design in 2016, twenty years after graduating from Middlesex University with a Jewellery Design BA. In the interim I'd been doing something totally different and it's a real treat to get back to doing the thing that I love. 

I've used my own name for my brand: Dittany Rose. The business has gone from strength to strength including having been one of the featured jewellers in the foyer of the Hepworth Wakefield 

Dittany Rose at the Hepworth Wakefield Summer Market

Aims and Inspirations

Most of my pieces are made from a combination of resin, silver and paper. Why that combination? Well, the silver ensures you are getting something that is precious, that will last and that won't irritate your skin. The paper is because I love working with it! Paper can be used in almost any colour and pattern. And I love both! Finally, the resin ensures that the paper is durable and gives the whole piece a hard shiny surface. When people first see this jewellery they think it is made from glass, ceramics or enamel. However, when they pick it up they realise it can't be, as it is so light. 

​I returned to creative practice initially via screen printing and now design jewellery using patterns developed from those prints. When you buy a piece of Dittany Rose jewellery you are getting a piece of wearable artwork. All my designs are based on original sketches and doodles and so there is a fresh, immediate feel to them. 

I'm inspired by the process of making and can often be found in my shed saying ‘I wonder what happens if I do this, and this?’ I'm currently obsessed with circles although do have some other shapes available. 

Dittany Rose
Owner, designer, maker

Where can you buy DittanyRose jewellery? 

Here! But I also sell in galleries around the country including here in East Anglia at: 

VK Gallery, St Ives

Cambridge Contemporary Crafts, Cambridge

The Gallery Norfolk, Cromer

The Makers' Shelf, Newmarket

I also have two shops on Etsy. The link here is to my DittanyRose jewellery shop but I also sell screen prints at DittanyRosePrints.

In 2019 I am taking part in the following fairs and markets: